We develop your web and business solutions .

From complex system structures which are capable of absorbing several million users to creative coding rewarded with international Awwwards, our fields of expertise are in keeping with all your challenges of digitalization.

The rooster technique

Creative cocorico tech

Our development team but also ur hosting servers are based in France, who ensure optimal production quality and strictly complies with the GDPR directives.

As France is also par of Arts: we believe in creative coding, micro interactions and “pixel perfect”.

Creative cocorico tech
Geeks' corner

Geek is chic

Our developers lean on the most robust CMS and frameworks on the market to create your web and mobile interfaces (Wordpress, Durpal, Magento ...).

We also adore technical challenges (interfacing with third-party APIs, creating algorithms or auditing architecture.)

The nerd's corner

We believe in
open code

Developers: are you looking for a base graph recommendation for a project? This Python package is made for you. It's a gift.

We believe inopen code